Why Stretch Marks Form and How to Reduce Them

Whether you like it or not, your skin makes a statement and hints of where you’re at along the journey of life. Got wrinkles? You’re advancing in years. Age spots? You’ve spent time in the sun. Stretch marks? See below. Stretch marks occur for a variety of reasons. The most obvious, of course, being from […]

Stop Letting Menopause Control your Sex Life

It’s no secret that as women age their bodies start to change. Menopause starts to set in and  sometimes these changes are unwelcomed and unwanted, but regardless there haven’t been any magical pills or products that have been successfully designed to completely mitigate the affects of getting older. But still as we do get closer […]

How To Solve Water Retention With These Simple Tips

Water retention  is a particularly bothersome issue for women! What is Water Retention? Water or fluid retention is also referred to as edema. It occurs in the circulatory system and may cause bloating, and swelling in the extremities, such as the legs, feet, and ankles.  People who lead extremely sedentary lifestyles with little exercise or […]

Breast Cancer: What Women Should Know

One in six breast cancers occur in women aged 40-49. The incidence of breast cancer increases steadily with age. Each year approximately 1 woman in 1000 will be diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40, increasing to approximately 1.1/1000 at age 41, 1.2/1000 by age 43, etc. This increases to 2/1000 by age […]

Red Wine Benefits – Improve Your Health

Red wine is generally good for you, but it is important to know the specifics of these benefits because you can then employ them to serve your body better. Over 600 million gallons of red wine is consumed in US and the numbers keep growing. The presence of flavonoids called Resveratrol in red wine is […]

How To Reduce Anxiety With These Simple Exercises

Anxiety is fear and worry that can take control of a person’s life. An individual who has anxiety will learn to avoid certain situations that cause worry or panic. Some common anxieties are fear of social situations, fear of authority, fear of relationships and fear about money. It can lead to other mental disorders such […]

The 5 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Do you feel that despite your absolute BEST efforts, you just can’t lose the weight you want to lose? Well, you’re not alone!! Thousands of women go online every single day to find the weight loss solution that will finally work for them. And yet… they almost always make at least one – if not […]

Understanding Depression and Menopause

As women approach midlife and menopause one of the things to be on the lookout for is depression. While menopause is not thought to be a cause of depression the two can occur at the same time. What is believed to be a cause of depression is changes in estrogen levels which occur during menopause. […]

Fulfilling your Passions, The Second Chance Career

For more than twenty-years my good friend Debbie’s primary focus was working her way up the corporate ladder in the Human Resources department of a large publicly traded company. Day after day she worked hard to meet the demands of her superiors and colleagues, until one morning she woke up with a sickened, sinking feeling […]

4 Healthy Lifestyle Changes that can Boost Memory in Midlife Women

Everyone has memory lapses. We blank on our long-time neighbors name, or we forget the cake in the oven until the smoke detector goes off. But being forgetful in midlife is common.   Studies show that one-half to two-thirds of people 50 and older notice memory changes. Many reasons for this and steps to remedy […]