Stop Letting Menopause Control your Sex Life

It’s no secret that as women age their bodies start to change. Menopause starts to set in and  sometimes these changes are unwelcomed and unwanted, but regardless there haven’t been any magical pills or products that have been successfully designed to completely mitigate the affects of getting older.

Still as we do get closer to our middle years, the affects of menopause do seem to take their toll on different aspects of our lives, not to mention our sex lives.

As the production of our hormones decrease, so does the desire to engage in sexual activities and feeling desire and libido soon becomes words in our distant past.

But this is not the way it has to be…


The teams of doctors and researchers at the Hersolution Gel production company have been working for years to design female sexual enhancement products with just this stage of your life in mind.

As your passion seems to start waning as menopause starts to take over, there is something that you can do that does not involve pills or drugs.

What is Hersolution Gel?


The Hersolution Gel is a female sexual enhancement product, that is a gel that is applied topically, it is discrete and its a non greasy formula which guarantees no mess and no fuss.

One of the symptoms of menopause definitely means a decrease in sexual desire and the natural reactions of being sexually stimulated is also compromised. Without sufficient natural lubrication, sex can soon become painful and you will want it less and less. the Hersolution Gel has several immediate benefits that will mitigate any of these detrimental side effects of aging.


The Hersolutiongel
The Hersolution Gel


Once applied topically the Hersolution Gel soon gets to work. You’ll immediately feel a lovely tingly sensation as the blood vessels are stimulated and the tissues start to swell. Your libido immediately increases and soon you’ll feel your desire increase and all the thoughts of getting older will go right out the bedroom window.

The gel will ease dryness also associated with menopause and this will also help to increase sensations and make making love to your partner that much more pleasurable and fun for you both. (you will feel like you got your sexy back!)

The Hersolution Gel is made of all natural ingredients such as aloe, shea and cocoa butter, botanical essences and vitamins which means there is no need to worry about any adverse side effects or the possibility of conflicts with any other medication that you may be taking.  This gel is also water based and ph balanced and hypo allergenic.

There are no worries about mess or complications. So there is nothing to distract you or your lover from just focusing on pleasuring each other with all this new found libido that will soon turn you into a newly revived sex machine.

So what are you waiting for?

The Hersolution Gel is the perfect product for you in the fabulous time of your life. So order a test tube today and make all your nights more passionate and fun. In fact, why don’t you order a few to share with some of your girlfriends? They will soon be thanking you for sharing your secret.

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Stop Letting Menopause Control your Sex Life

3 thoughts on “Stop Letting Menopause Control your Sex Life

  1. Michele,

    This is a wonderful post about a subject many menopausal women don’t discuss in public, but should.
    Painful sex occurs in many women who are menopausal and using topical products to help with lubrication may solve this problem.


    1. Hi Robin, Thank you for your lovely comment! I struggled with being sexual during menopause and tried many lubricants, this is my absolute go to it works in so many ways! Have a great day!?

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