Women go through many physical and emotional changes as they transition into midlife. Although It is a natural part of life, some women find it difficult to cope and believe they are alone.






The last twenty years have been about taking care of everyone else, that you barely had time to think about yourself. Now you’re in your 40s and everything starts to change.


Parents are aging need care, children are leaving the nest to start their own lives, which leaves you questioning,


What is my purpose in life now?


Before you know it here comes mood swings, anxiety and hot flashes. Holy hormones, it’s PERIMENOPAUSE! (The younger and meaner sister of MENOPAUSE).


You feel like you’re going crazy, like someone else has taken over your body and mind. Well, I’m here to tell you that,


You are NOT CRAZY, and you’re NOT ALONE!


Hi, I’m Michele,

A midlife woman from Jersey. Living in a house with my husband and four sons. Yes! Five men and one hormonal woman.


Perimenopause hit me right when turning 40. The worst of it lasted for several years, with severe depression, fears and horrible vertigo. My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety, gave me a shot to calm me down and told me to stay away from stress.


Was I just going crazy!? Finally, my nurse practitioner had diagnosed me with perimenopause.


My mission was to educate myself on midlife, so i can help women to never experience what i went through.


In 2018, Midlife Mirror was born. The purpose of my blog is to help women who are having a difficult time transitioning into midlife by sharing health & wellness tips, so they can live their best years yet!


You are not alone in this midlife journey!

We will get through this together!


I am always just an email away, feel free to contact me anytime on the form below…







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