Living with Fibromyalgia..A Fact about Me

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I don’t usually blog about myself but I think it’s important for my readers to know this part of me. The reason being It can affect my writing at times and I don’t want you to think I have disappeared or stopped blogging. I have Fibromyalgia!!   Fibromyalgia is a disorder of the musculoskeletal system. The cause is unknown, but the name actually means pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and… Read More »Living with Fibromyalgia..A Fact about Me

Understanding Depression and Menopause

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As women approach midlife and menopause one of the things to be on the lookout for is depression. While menopause is not thought to be a cause of depression the two can occur at the same time. What is believed to be a cause of depression is changes in estrogen levels which occur during menopause. What is Depression? Depression is a weakening condition that can make it impossible for you… Read More »Understanding Depression and Menopause

Do you Have a Thyroid Disorder?

A thyroid disorder called hypothyroidism means you have an underactive thyroid gland. If you have trouble losing weight no matter what you do, it could be because you are hypothyroid. There are almost 30 million Americans with thyroid disease and women are 7 times more likely than men to have it. Hypothyroid is the most common thyroid disorder and often misdiagnosed by doctors. You may get this because it is… Read More »Do you Have a Thyroid Disorder?

10 Midlife Inspirational Quotes

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We all have some sort of quotes that we like whether it be funny, witty or inspirational, my favorite quote is “Everything happens for a reason” I am a firm believer in that! Today I put together 10 of my favorite Midlife Inspirational Quotes that I always turn to when I am feeling down. I hope you enjoy them.   10 Midlife Inspirational Quotes   “people may call what’s happening… Read More »10 Midlife Inspirational Quotes

Gynecologist’s Ground Breaking Discovery for Women over 40

Are you one of the millions of peri-menopausal women who are silently suffering with… Embarrassing urine leaks? Difficulties with arousal or orgasm? Painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness? Your doctor may tell you these problems are normal for a woman “your age” but my good friend, world-renowned gynecologist and sexual health expert Dr. Anna Cabeca disagrees. Dr. Anna spent 4 years perfecting this product, and sharing it with 1000’s of… Read More »Gynecologist’s Ground Breaking Discovery for Women over 40

Fulfilling your Passions, The Second Chance Career

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For more than twenty-years my good friend Debbie’s primary focus was working her way up the corporate ladder in the Human Resources department of a large publicly traded company. Day after day she worked hard to meet the demands of her superiors and colleagues, until one morning she woke up with a sickened, sinking feeling in her stomach. It was her career, she realized. Having spent nearly half of her… Read More »Fulfilling your Passions, The Second Chance Career

4 Healthy Lifestyle Changes that can Boost Memory in Midlife Women

Everyone has memory lapses. We blank on our long-time neighbors name, or we forget the cake in the oven until the smoke detector goes off. But being forgetful in midlife is common.   Studies show that one-half to two-thirds of people 50 and older notice memory changes. Many reasons for this and steps to remedy it.   Memory has three stages:   learning, consolidation, and recall. If invited to a… Read More »4 Healthy Lifestyle Changes that can Boost Memory in Midlife Women